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EF Consulting is a management consulting and financial advisory firm in Nigeria, meeting the needs of clients, including those in the educational sector. Our services cut across a myriad of in-depth & specifically tailored services in the areas of internal audit, internal control, business advisory services, as well as provision of training for staff and management in the areas of finance particularly. With a combined experience spanning over 3 decades in the Nigerian business sectors, our team of accountants and other professionals have all the right tools to set your business on the path of growth.


Internal Audit

The goal of our internal audit service is to assess your organization’s operations and provide independent assurance that your risk management, governance and financial processes are operating effectively. In essence, the goal of our internal audit service is to identify the shortcomings in our client’s internal controls. The results of our audit will be given to management and will form the basis for the internal control strategies to be implemented. Our process cuts across the following stages:
• Planning
• Fieldwork
• Drafting of report
• And review of findings.
Where there are business functions or controls that are running ineffectively thereby leading to spending avoidable costs or where there are systems lapses causing your business to lose funds, including management over ride of controls, we will then propose internal control systems to mitigate such challenges. As accounting professionals, we employ only best practices and carry out necessary due diligence to ensure that all control processes are strong and efficient.

Internal Controls

With the increasing need to safeguard organisation’s assets, curb the possibilities of fraud and promote accountability within an organization, more companies are tightening their internal control systems.
As organisations grow, the need for effective internal control structure becomes imperative. Some Controls may evolve during the growth process but there are usually gaps that need to be addressed through formal assessment/review that would lead to designing an internal control system that is peculiar to the organisation.
Our internal control services are set to close loopholes in your organisation processes towards ensuring efficiency as well as the optimal use of resources. We create bespoke internal control services to meet specific organizational needs in the areas of segregation of duties for accountability, authorization, operational processes, financial controls and administrative controls. Our services offer management oversight while also creating a system of checks and balances. By so doing, we provide accurate information that are necessary for decision making, protect the business from wastage and ensures that all rules and procedures are followed by members of staff.
As Professionals, with decades of internal control experience spanning various industries, we are well suited to serve you better.

Our Internal Control Services

  • A holistic assessment of existing controls
  • Documentation of and enhancement of existing controls
  • Development of effective Internal control processes and procedures
  • Fraud prevention, deterrent, detection and investigation.
  • Training of key stake holders to ensure suitable internal control environment
  • Development of internal audit manual
Business Advisory Services

Running an existing business or starting a new one can be both exciting and challenging but equally very risky if the right steps are not taken.

Costly mistakes can be avoided with the support of credible business advisers who could help you through in the following areas

• Setting up of operational processes and procedures

• Design and implementation of accounting policies and processes

• Operational and financial record keeping including preparation of monthly income statements to aid decision making

• Taxation and tax management

• Staffing, personal administration aid

• Performance measurement/Management

• Bank financing assistance when your business needs funding, either to meet operational cash flow gaps or for expansion

• Objective and sellable business plan when needed.

Accounting/ Bookkeeping Services and Training

For the effective running of your business, we recognize the need to have the vision of the organisation well carried by members of staff and management. To this end, our accounting services and training cut across the following areas:

 Finance function resourcing and outsourcing; including accurate record keeping
 Accounting advisory services
 Training and supervision of new and existing finance staff.

  1. Financial statements in compliance with IFRS/FRCN
  2. Monthly accounts for management and reporting purposes
  3. Accounts preparation with schedules for statutory purposes
  4. Periodic cash flow forecast/budgets, supported with budgetary control statements
  5. Tax returns and its computations
  6. Relevant Tax filling services

We offer both one-time training as well as consistent training spanning different business periods for your organization.

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